The Approach


Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

Taped on the surface of a fold-up table is a big poster where all the children are supposed to put their hand print.

The instructions read:

  1. Pick a color for your handprint and squirt it onto a paper plate.
  2. Place your hand in the paint, making sure your palm and fingers are covered.
  3. Place your hand carefully on the poster to make your handprint.
  4. Wash your hand off, then come back and write your name by your handprint.

Sounds simple enough. Amelia picks a color (she always picks blue), squirts it onto a plate, and wiggles her hand around in it. Then she goes to choose a spot on the poster. At that point, she realizes everyone else’s handprints have the fingers pointing towards her.

Dilemma: Is the direction of the handprint a rule? It wasn’t written in the instructions. If Amelia did it…

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