Seat of Wisdom

Seat of Wisdom is one of the titles of Mary. It is a significant title to me, because it reminds me that someone, at least, has achieved the perfect balance between wisdom and love.


When I was young, my life was balanced. I lived in the present. I was growing in wisdom, but just as quickly, I was growing in love.

When I entered college, however, I began to focus excessively on wisdom. My growth in love plateaued. I was unbalanced. Pride, which was already rooted in me, grew beside as well, like a weed choking wisdom’s flower. But I didn’t know it.

Mary, of course, always had balance. Her growth in wisdom was never accompanied by pride. Rather, wisdom and humility grew together like two flowers, each made more lovely by the presence of other.


His mother kept all these things in her heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature,[f] and in favor with God and man.

Luke 2:51-52

Mary kept or pondered all things in her heart. She sought wisdom in every saying, every event in her life. She knew that God rules all things, and all things happen by His decree for the greater good. Thus, all things teach us of God, His will, and His love.

Mary is given to us as a lover of wisdom, a philosophical soul who wondered at God’s good works. She is our model. And yet, she is not given the title of “Philosopher”. Her title is rather, “Seat of Wisdom”.

This is a reminder to us that, although she pondered the ways of God in all things, she was most focused on God who came to her. God who entrusted Himself to her and needed her love. God who showed Himself to the world seated on her lap.

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