The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 7


Chapter 7 of my Adam-12 fan fiction story! You can find Chapter 1 here.

Reed caught Malloy’s eye and swallowed a couple of times, then turned his back.

Malloy knew how he felt; he also was sickened to be stuck in the middle of this. It was one thing to tangle with bad guys; you didn’t know their story. Nothing could excuse them, but at least you could assume a weakness, something to lessen their evil. With your own brothers, though… What could you do with that? One dirty cop made you realize you’re not as safe as you thought. You’re not as clean…

Malloy shook his head. It made you think too much. “Jim,” he said, “we’ve got to play it cool.”

“Cool?” Reed said. “This?” He gestured with his head to Bobby, whose lips were moving without sound. “One of us did this! That means we’ve…

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