The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 11


Chapter 11 of my Adam-12 fan fiction story! You can find Chapter 1 here.

About five minutes later, the three hostages squinted as the door opened and the sun lanced their eyes. A silhouette peered in at them. “I’ve waited for this a long time, Malloy,” a peppy voice told him. It was Wells.

Officer Ed Wells

“Yeah. What took you so long?” Reed said. “Did you lose the keys?”

The other officer ignored him. “I have the honor–or should I say horror?–of returning you both to the land of sunshine.”

Wells was joined by Brinkman, and first Malloy, then Margaret, then Reed were lowered to their feet on gravel. Somebody brought out a key and removed their cuffs.

Malloy looked around. They were on the side of the highway that wound through the hills on its way to San Diego. Mac leaned with his palm against the back…

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