The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 15


Chapter 15 of my Adam-12 fan fiction story! You can find Chapter 1 here.

“Uh, Jim? About the sergeant thing…” Malloy grimaced. “You know how I said it might not happen for a while?”


“Well, at least six months.” He told Reed about the Captain’s opinion and Mac’s decision.

Reed’s frown was heartwarming. “That’s so rotten! You didn’t do anything to convince him that you were more than an officer! He did it on his own.”

Malloy shrugged. His friend’s feelings did a lot to appease his own; he returned to his stoicism.

Reed kicked the table leg, causing his coffee to jump, but not quite spill. Then he sighed. “Though, honestly, it’s probably a good thing.”

“Not you, too!” Malloy’s eyes were wide. “First Mac says he’s been pushing me too hard and takes away the promotion he offered me. Now your vote of incompetence?”

“It’s not…

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