Loneliness is hard. Loneliness is like being trapped in a room. Your mind is stuck so deep inside you, it doesn’t understand itself anymore.

This is when you most need a friend, but instead of helping, it can make it worse. You don’t know how you got here. How on earth can you ask a friend to find you?

So you’re stuck in the emptiness, not sure how you got there, not sure how to get out… not even sure you want to. All you can do is ignore the emptiness, the void that seems to have opened inside you.

I say don’t look away. Confront it. This is where you learn most about yourself. At the edge of despair, but not quite across the border. The brink of madness, but not quite there.


When you stare at the void, you might see that what seemed the blackness of nothing is actually the darkness of someone else, the darkness of a loneliness deeper and more complete than yours. That little room in your soul that had trapped your mind so completely, where you thought no one could find you? Someone was already there. Waiting to be found.

Someone had called you there. And that void that you tried to ignore? It’s not nothing; it’s a portal into the dark room of someone else’s heart. Perhaps He called you there for your comfort. Perhaps for His own.

But know that many through the ages have been called there. Maybe you’ll meet them there, in their darkest hour. Maybe they will comfort you in your darkest need.

So be content. You are not alone.

7 thoughts on “Loneliness

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